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Hello – my name is Jernej Lekše.

I am a web developer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am currently working at Programski atelje A&Z d.o.o.. First line of code was written in 2004. In 2006 I became interested in web development.

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Front-end development

  • HTML5
  • CSS 3, SASS
  • JavaScript:
  •   jQuery
  •   JSON
  •   AJAX
  •   Object-Oriented JS
  • Frameworks:
  • Foundation
Back-end develoment


Basics of the Android development, Flash and ActionScript. Little experiences with the MySQL database, WordPress and Magento CMS.
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Programski atelje A&Z d.o.o.

July 2007 – Present

Head of web development and web developer

My main responsibility is to develop new features on the web kiosk application, create small and large web applications (e.g. Online Accreditation, Widgets, …), web pages associated with our product (e.g. Access control, mailing lists, …), company private and public pages, give support to our customers and client, Advanced Ticketing, Kultura plus customers and clients with the web application related issues.

Responsibility and achievements

In past few years at Programski atelje A&Z d.o.o. I integrated a lot of payment gateway solutions to the web kiosk application. I know what do I expect from them and where could be a problem. Because online ticketing is ‘live’ system where basket expires, could be problems with internet connections (server can not access client’s database), etc. Currently, I am leading a small team of web developers.



  • Venue was copied from the ActionScript (Flash) to the Canvas (KineticJS)
  • Android: Ticket Monitor application (Access Control)
  • DRAGON Web: Web application to enter organizations, venues, events, show reports, …
  • Human resource management web application with responsive web design
  • Integration of the Queue Service (Queue Service was made by IRIS Ticketing)
  • Payment Gateway: VeriFone Vanguard (uk)
  • Passbook integration


  • “Groupon” implementation
  • View from seat implementation (Web kiosk, Media center)
  • Documentation and coding by PHP Standards: I am not very proud on myself that i started writing documentation and by coding standards so late
  • DRAGON Venue Venueman (tablet application to shorten the queue and sell tickets faster on the box office)
  • B2B web kiosk: upgraded with option to create reservation online
  • Social network integration: Login with Google or Facebook account
  • Mobile web kiosk application: Purchase tickets on your mobile phone (jQuery Mobile)
  • Collect tickets on the box office with your mobile phone


  • New templates with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Rewrite from Magic Method classes to the Native classes
  • Payment type implementation: Capita (uk), Cash on Delivery
  • PHPList integration to the web kiosk
  • B2B web kiosk (view reservations)
  • Started with DRAGON Web kiosk CMS application


  • Top up Debit card online
  • Media center: Web application for the management and distribution of content relating to events of organisation(s)
  • SEO optimizations (e.g. keywords, descriptions, page content,…)
  • Social integration (Facebook and Twitter sharing content and my purchase “I bought…”)
  • Selling tickets at gas stations Petrol (sl)
  • Re-written Venue display: updated to ActionScript 3 (from 2), sending data was replaced (XML) with JSON, added custom seat support,…


  • Payment type implementation: Abanka Abanet (sl), NLB Klik (sl)
  • DRAGON Ticket Robot automates basic ticketing processes, enabling customers to purchase and pick up tickets without waiting in box office queues
  • Free Events: Users could enter their Free Events to the web kiosk with description, images,…
  • DISWeb: Web application for Dimnikarski informacijski sistem
  • Added support for Apache Module mod_rewrite
  • “Widgets” allow clients to display calendar on their official web site (Popular events widget, Last published events widget, Next events widget)


  • Web application to enter accreditations online
  • Simple admin interface to view the purchase list, reset users passwords, etc.
  • Payment type implementation: Si.Mobil Si.Nakup (sl), DataCash (uk), T-COM PayWay (hr)
  • Smarty template engine integration


  • Get to know the background of Dragon Venue™ software
  • Implement concessions for the web kiosk
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Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana

2004 – 2007 (B.S. Computer and Information Science)

The Secondary School of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Environmental Studies Ljubljana

2000 – 2004 (Land surveyor)

Elementary school Poljane, Ljubljana

1992 – 2000

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