Advent in Zagreb

Zagreb was awarded as the best Christmas market in Europe (@ebdestinations). We decided to see if they are really the best or they just payed enough money to be ranked as 1st.

Where to start?

Just don’t go left as I did … nothing there.

Few pictures from Christmas market, city decoration, …

Ice park at King Tomislav Square

Someone will fall … can you find him?

Free beer for everyone! I got 3!!

X-mas trees … i like the last one =)

For Star Wars fans

Profesor Baltazar!!

Conclusion … did Zagreb deserve 1st place?

I’m not sure about this, because I was missing more x-mas spirit at the markets. All i remember from the markets are: “Fritule”, mulled wine and sausages. There was nothing that would attract me and say i would buy this for someone for x-mas present (like in Vienna or Nurnberg where I could spend a lot of money 🙂

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