Almost perfect weekend!

Last 3 days of this week were so spectacular, that everyone will remember them for very long time or at least sport freaks will :).


Solar Eclipse: In Slovenia eclipse started at 9:31 and ended at 11:52. The peak was at 10:41 with the 60% obscuration. For everyone who missed this eclipse, you can find on this page all solar eclipses for the next 100+ years.

Few hours later the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica started. Before the 1st Round Severin Freund was leading in World Cup for 94 points Peter Prevc. I had no hope that Peter Prevc could gain all those points in two races and win the World Cup 2014/15. Round 1: AWESOME! Prevc was leading, Jurij Tepeš was 2nd (19.2 points behind) and Freund was 4th (26.4 points behind). I said, ok. Let’s “copy and paste” the results to the 2nd round and Prevc will gain 50 points in WC. It wasn’t just that, Prevc made a perfect jump. All 5 judges gave him 20.0! He was the 6th man who made the perfect jump. Before him were: Anton Innauer (1976), Kazuyoshi Funaki (1998), Sven Hannawald (2003), Hideharu Miyahira (2003) and Wolfgang Loitzl (2009).

Number of victories: 1
Number of podiums: 2
Prevc: 44 points behind Freund




Ski Jumping in Planica – again. But this time was a team competition. The event was sold out on Tuesday, so 30.000 people were waiting to see our eagles fly and win the competition. They did it! Jurij Tepeš (237.5m, 1st in his group), Anže Semenič (216.5, 2nd), Robert Kranjec (225m, 1st) and Peter Prevc (218.5m, 1st) … so, we dominated.

Number of victories: 2
Number of podiums: 3



Of course, that was not enough and it was time for Tina Maze in Alpine Skiing to win the WC. She was just 32 points behind Anna Feninger. After the race was Anna 18 points behind! Still little hope for Tina to win the WC.


I don’t know where to start. So much drama till the end. Early in the morning Jakov Fak won the Mass Start at Khanty Mansiysk in Biathlon. His shooting was perfect (0+0+0+0). One hour later ladies Giant Slalom begins in Meribel. Tina Maze finished 3rd, Anna Fenninger won the race and World Cup for just 22 points. At the same time the last Ski Jumping event continues. After the 1st Round Prevc was 1st and Freund was 7th! OMG! Peter can win the World Cup if he will win and Freund will be ranked 4th or lower. But that was the theory. It’s time to add some drama. Jurij Tepeš – 244m – 2x 20! Another perfect jump in Planica this weekend. NO WAY! So, this means that Prevc will have to make a very looong jump to beat Tepeš and win WC at the same time… Only Prevc left on the top of the hill and this was it – how far he can jump. Nooo, he was 2nd, just 2.8 points behind Tepeš. So, this means that Prevc and Freund have the same number of points (1729) in the GC, but, because Freund won 9 times and Prevc just 3 times, Freund won the World Cup 🙂

Number of victories: 4
Number of podiums: 7

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