Closed roads in Slovenia because of fallen trees

It’s hard to find a road which is not closed by a fallen tree in last 3 days.
Here is the picture of closed roads in Slovenia on Monday morning.

I went on Monday to the office by foot. At 6:30 am i was standing at usually very busy road (cycling and pedestrian roads are 50m away).
Koseze - ZOO
I took only this picture, because I felt safe there 🙂 Every 50m was a fallen tree or was falling new in the woods.

I took more pictures on the way home. Pictures were taken between Ljubljana ZOO and Koseški bajer.
near Zoo
Near Zoo
Near Zoo
Near Koseški bajer
Koseški bajer
Near Zoo
Near Zoo

At least kids and snow boarders were happy =)
JumpSnow boarder

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