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This is my family tree. I wish it will be once at least twice bigger with dates of births, deaths, …

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Apr 2014:
I dig in to my grand mother (Štrekelj Magdalena) old albums and I found a lot of picture. First, I discovered that Štrekelj Karl is not Karl but Karel. Then I found pictures of her husband sisters Lekše Slavka (1912-1961) and Lekše Marija (1911-1992). The pictures were taken in 1952. In 1942 was taken a photo of Lekše Slavka husband Kastelic Lojze (1907-1992). That’s not all of Lekše family, I have the pictures of Miloš, Slavka and Marija parents Lekše Lovrenc (1884-1948) and Albina (1888-1950). Picture of my grand-grand mother Novak Marija (1907-1983) was found in the old albums. Meanwhile my sister Tina Sajevic married with Sebastijan Hobor on 5th April.

Mar 2014:
Family tree was updated with pictures of the Štrekelj family (my grand grand parents). The picture was taken in 1924. On the picture were: Štrekelj Frančišek (1877-1955) (father), Marinko Frančiška (1877-1942) (mother) and the children: Frančišek (1902-1971), Karl (1905-1982), Ivan (1906-1971), Frančiška (1910-?) and Marija (1912-1990).
We found the picture of my grand father Lekše Miloš (1925-1925) taken on 11th April 1973.

Feb 2014:
Family tree was updated (my grandmother died)

Lekše - Family tree