Historical Maps

After very long time I have to post something on my blog. I am researching my family tree and I stuck at my great-grandmother. Shw was probably born in parish of Bela Cerkev, but there were no records for her. I checked almost all nearby parish birth books and still no luck after 2 months! The guy at the archive told me an interesting information: people in <1900 didn't move far away from their birthplace. Usually they moved for few villages or to the nearby parish. I was 100% sure that he was wrong or I just don't have any luck with my great-grandmother. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I didn't believe the guy at the archive - they didn't move so much - until today. I came across this cool web site: Historical Maps of the Habsburg Empire. Ljubljana in 1829-1835 http://mapire.eu/en/map/mkf_illir/?zoom=15&lat=46.05075&lon=14.5091 was so small, everything looks so far away (e.g. “Draule” on the NW). After 200 years all those nearby villages are part of Ljubljana now. So, my conclusion is: if i won’t find my great-grandmother in nearby parish of Bela Cerkev, then I probably missed her record in birth book and I will have to check all birth books again 😀

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