Pot ob žici 2014

I participated the 58th Recreational March Along The Path Around Ljubljana today. The path is 35km long, actually 32.6km if you sum the distance in the check point list.


Almost entire path is flat as pancake, but it has one hilly part between the check point 6 (Gostilna Babnik) and 7 (Križišče Dolenjske ceste in Peruzzijeve ulice). On my path between the 15.7km and 20.4km.

POT - altitude

My 3rd journey (2011, 2012, 2014) started at 6:30 in the morning and ended 6h 15min later (at 12:45). This year, We were for 1h faster then previous years. You can guess only once 🙂 We didn’t have any long pause in the cafe. I meet few friends during the march, but they went the opposite way around Ljubljana. Maybe, We should organizer for the next year and go together as one big group.

POT - check points


During the Second World War, Ljubljana was a focal centre of the Resistance, the so called Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation, established on 27 April 1941. In 1942, the Italian occupying forces surrounded Ljubljana with a barbed wire fence to prevent contacts between the city and its hinterland.

The fence, along which there were 206 guard towers and bunkers, was guarded by approximately 1,300 soldiers and 400 policemen, who checked the ID of everyone passing the fence. Following the capitulation of Italy in 1943, the fence was taken charge of by the German army. The Liberation Army marched into Ljubljana on 9 May 1945, after the city had been enclosed by barbed wire for 1,170 days. The construction of the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship began soon after the war and was completed in 1985.


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Pot ob žici 2014
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