Project: Battle of Bannockburn

In 1314 history was made and the fate of the Scottish nation changed forever

This year will be 700th anniversary (23-24 June 2014) of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Today was published web page – ticket sales web page – for the Battle of Bannockburn. I wouldn’t write about this battle, but I was included in this big project. My part was to modify our current web kiosk application to fit in their wishes and design. The design was made by Storm ID.

For me this was one of the biggest projects in the previous and the beginning of this year. In November, I saw the first version of the web kiosk design and got the production version early in December. Because the purchase steps were completely changed I had to create the purchase from the scratch. During the implementation the National Trust of Scotland (NTS) requested few changes in the purchase steps, Storm ID has provided a bunch of bug fixes for the outdated browser Internet Explorer 8, iOS devices, … Then came a lot of testing by NTS and few days ago was confirmed that web kiosk can go live.

The project specs:

  • Complete customization of the current purchase steps
  • Purchase without registration
  • Purchase Battle Simulator, Battle Interactive Game Play or Battle Interactive Spectator with the same purchase flow
  • Vanguard VeriFone payment gateway
  • Responsive web design (Storm ID)
  • Support all mobile devices (Android, iOS), web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE8+, …)

The project key problems:

  • Support “outdated” browser – IE8
  • The customized web kiosk will be very hard to maintain and upgrade
  • 3 different events with 1 (same) purchase flow
  • Debugging on iOS devices – lack of devices

Web kiosk for the Battle of Bannockburn can be found here.

Battle game

Article Name
Project: Battle of Bannockburn
Today was published web page – ticket sales web page – for the Battle of Bannockburn.
Jernej Lekše

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