Responsive web design at, etc.

Previous and this month our company has successfully updated few web kiosks to the “new technology” – responsive web design. We used Foundation 5 framework, but it’s only big problem is, that i does not support old browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 8). So, we decided to drop the support for IE7 and keep the old templates for IE8 only. Once the IE8 usage will drop below 1%, we will simply delete the templates for old browsers and keep the responsive design.

So far, we have updated:

We have few glitches with the venue display in the canvas (KineticJS framework) on the mobile devices, but for the “demo” that’s more than better. With the previous technology (Flash) you couldn’t buy a seat – now you can =) At least one positive thing after the upgrade for mobile device users.

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Responsive web design at, etc.
Jernej Lekše

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