Showcase: Dragon Venue uses Smarty 3

Date published: 15th December 2010

DRAGON Venue is an advanced ticketing, booking and marketing software for Sports, Arts & Culture and General Admission events & attractions. Internet Web kiosk is an integral part of today’s ticketing solutions. It’s used for selling tickets, ticket packages, memberships, gift cards, etc. DRAGON Venue web kiosks based on Smarty template engine make about 400.000 transactions per year. This is close to 1 million tickets sold per year. With Smarty internal cache we are able to process large number of requests in very short time.

We have started using Smarty about 2 years ago because customers were looking for personalized graphic design and multi-language functionality of their web kiosks. With Smarty we can offer every client their own personalized web ticketing kiosk and still be able to maintain and upgrade the system even with large number of customers. Smarty is also used for self-service kiosk solutions (ticketing robots). We have now upgraded almost all of our clients to Smarty 3. The web kiosk is now much faster. The system is used in Slovenia, Croatia and UK.

Thank you Smarty, for making our life easier!

Jernej Lekše, head of Web Development Dragon Ticketing

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