Tour de Jernej, stage 1

Yesterday was a walking day, today was a cycling day. This was my first cycling trip in this year – better start late then never 🙂 It was a quite cold day compared with the previous week when it was 35°C.

Here are few details about the trip:

  • Ljubljana Šiška – Stanežiče – Medno – Medvode – Spodnje Pirniče – Smlednik – Vodice – Koseze – Šmartno – Gameljne – Ježica – Ljubljana Šiška
  • Total length: 49.7km
  • Total ride time: 2h 8min / tour time: 2h 13min
  • Avg. speed: 23.3km/h, max speed: 41.4km/h
  • Altitude gained: 285m, max ascent: 3.8%
  • Weather: dull
  • Wind? YES, specially in the last 20km was in the chest
  • Temperature: 21°C

Tour de Jernej, stage 1

Stage 2: The plan is more than 60km, but this will depend on weather and wind conditions.

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